Saturday, August 24, 2013

Do I Look That Old?

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Carved by the Tires of Other Travelers

(Belated post - catch-up)
We left Eagle Plains not sure if Michael still had a job. We had built in 4 days extra in case the road was difficult, and we ended up being on the road an extra six days! If you are going to do this road, make sure you have wiggle room in case it goes south. There is something about this road that I just love. I believe this road is a breathing living entity. It can choose to let you pass with no problems and a simple easy ride, or it can choose to play with you. I have traveled various parts of this road on 3 different occasions. I believe the most gorgeous part is up to Tombstone – if you can’t do the whole thing, then do that part. The rest of the road is just for the sake of traveling and doesn’t offer any earth shattering scenery. But the adventure it can throw at you, there is that. It depends on your disposition.

The road changes daily, it can be one completely different animal on the way back down then it was going up - our road we traveled back was completely different. It was rutty and hard, carved by the tires of other travelers. Very little mud. In my mind I am thinking the road is satisfied in the price we paid for the privilege to see Inuvik. We are thankful to hit pavement and roll into Dawson. 

We met up with Anna in Dawson. They were topping of their tanks and heading to the Lower 48 to finish the rest of their travels in the US, soon they would be heading back to Europe.

Trip details and photos to come.