Friday, April 29, 2011

No Cover

Missed opportunity! Damn!

Well! The weekend started with a bang! I trimmed the work week by one day and started my weekend early. The idea hatched in my brain which quickly spread to the mind of my riding partner Jaz: let’s do a weekend of riding and photography in Kenai, Alaska. Why Kenai you ask… well… it so happens that a co-worker spent a lot of time working on the restoration of a beautiful Russian Orthodox Church that is one of Alaska’s 49 National Historic Landmarks. There is currently a photo contest going on to be in the NHL calendar printed by the National Park Service, and I thought… hey… my hobby is photography.. Why not send an entry in? Most of the NHL’s in Alaska are not on the road system, and the ones that are, tend to be well represented by photos. I wasn’t that interested in the little ole church in Kenai, until I learned of the recent restoration work. The possibility to photograph it in a new perspective – I was sold.

Sold on the idea of photographing the Holy Assumption Russian Orthodox Church, the next challenge; call the father and asked permission. He said no problem… come on down. He has made arrangements for us to photograph the church on Friday afternoon, but warned that it is dark and I might need to consider additional lighting. Hmm.. how do I bungee cord additional light-boxes and stands to the motorcycle? Next problem: I am not allowed near the alter because I don’t have a “Y” chromosome. Hmm… I don’ think I can buy or order one of those. I agreed not to desecrate the alter… do I seem like the type that would desecrate? I joked with a co-worker that I was going to put my finger on the alter when the father wasn’t looking… but of course I would honor the traditions and be respectful of the privilege provided ( I will be watching Jaz like a hawk though).

My current fiasco of ending my coffee drinking habits resulted in a headache all day. This coupled with the ungodly (no pun intended) task of carrying the lights and extension cords resulted in a last minute decision to do the ride in Jaz’s Mini Cooper instead of motorbike.

By 8PM we rolled into Copper Landing Alaska. The marque on the sign announced that last weekends musical entertainment of this town of 369 was Carlyle Watt and the Skillet Lickers. Damn! It looks like I missed a hot shot last weekend. No cover.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

North to Talkeetna - Alaska

Morning chickas...(and chicos)

I decided to take a ride north and examine the cold wet roads of Alaska by motorbike. What better way to enjoy Easter than on the road. Jaz and I headed out of Anchorage to Palenville... it actually took a while to negotiate the heavy traffic build-up in this bottle neck of a town. Free of congestion and the open road stretching ahead, we stopped at Miller's for a classic cone and to admire the dead-heads on the wall. There is nothing more comforting than licking a carmel ice-cream cone with a taxidermied caribou gazing on through glassy eyes....

I have apparently received a new nickname... my official riding name (in those circles that create riding names...) is Huckleberry. I am told I need multiple identities... so here are my identities:

Huckleberry = Motorcycle Road name (came about from my joy with huckleberries while touring in Montana, and the endless talk I have done about the huckleberry lemonade from GLAC).

Bohemian Gypsy - Blog name

Weekend Judy - Apparently relates to the relaxed, easy going pleasant part of my personality..

Work Week Judy - the OTHER side of me...

We continued north to the Talkeetna Spur cut-off and proceeded. It was a bit nippy when we left Anchorage; all the snow has pretty much melted except for the large snow plow piles (mini-glaciers). Everything is matted brown and dirty as Anchorage cleans up from breakup season. Just outside of Houston, AK. the snow reappeared, driving the temps down and making the ride a little nippier. Heated gear, and a taller windscreen along with a full face helmet makes riding 60 miles an hour in 45 degrees not too bad.

All of a SUDDEN... out of nowhere, a business emerged on the right... WHAT! It has been a couple of years since I drove down this road... it's was new. The Flying Squirrel Bakery. Of course I slammed on all my brakes for an immediate stop, overshot the driveway, and turned back... gone before my riding partner knew what had happened. She does know me though... and was watching my reaction in her rear view mirror. Soon we were sipping coffee and eating quinoa carob cookies at the Flying Squirrel. Make sure you hit this gem on the way in to Talkeetna!!/

ciao for now... pics later!