Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another Year of Adventures - 2013

I'm sitting around putting together a wish list of all the adventures I want to put under my belt this year. The usual Alaskan trips filter in, a hodge-podge of hikes and pedal bike rides (Hope, Matanuska Glacier, Crow pass, Harding Ice Field, and Gull Rock), as well as a couple of minor instate motorcycle rides (Cordova, Denali Highway, Manely Hot Springs, and Petersville Road). I'm also planning two out of state trips; one to southern Utah to visit Neil and Jen and another Canadian trip.

Harding Ice Field (
Michael and I are going to head south to ride red rock country and do a little camping, filming and photography. It should be a blast. Neil and Jen are tagging along in a jeep with coolers filled with beer and steak! (We better make sure we get real beer - this is Utah).

Secondly, I am plotting my second attempt to Inuvik, Canada. Jaz and I made it the arctic circle before we called it because of the dangerous road conditions. This time around, Michael and I are planning a July trip that will hit the northern most community of Canada at one of the dryer times of the year. If you missed the last attempts, check out my blog for those details.

Finally, I am hitting the beaches, Robinson Crusoe style, with Marla and Bonita. French Polynesia will be a different kind of vacation for me. One of relaxing, reading, and visiting with old friends. I might even have time to take in the local culture and history. This is the plan for November.
Sprinkle in a couple of weekend trips to Portland and Seattle; a business trip to Washington DC, Denali National Park, Kenai Fjords National Park, and Glacier Bay National Park, and the year gets very full!

Somewhere in all that I need to run, learn to swim better, and learn to play the Navajo flute I got last year on the road. OH! Lets not forget the Zipline in Talkeetna...